Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - From My Dad's College Yearbook, 1932

J. Richard Vander Putten, B.S. in E.

"ABOVE all things, Manhattan the Maker of Men develops in her products a spirit of loyalty and cooperation rarely encountered in this cynical age. In this regard, she received a head start with Dick and the results could not help but stand out. In the laboratory or lecture room, while performing experiments or after a tough struggle with "dat ole debbil" Structures, many a beleaguered classmate has listened gratefully as with characteristic directness, he cleared up some point which the instructor's more t ethnical language left obscure. Nor with this same need for a clear explanation in view, would he hesitate to request of the professor explanation of a statement beyond his own grasp."

"This spirit of loyalty colored his four years of cross-country. From his first race, when as a Freshman he brought in the winning score against the Fordharn Frosh, to his final bow as a Senior, he was wholeheartedly a team man."

"We have no better way of judging the future, says the proverb, than the past. On what has gone before, we expect to see Dick promoting something new in the future. Perhaps it will be a radical departure from previous engineering practice; perhaps if will be nothing more unusual than a new contracting company. At any rate we're betting on it already."

The Manhattanite 1932
Manhattan College
New York, New York

Brooklyn, N. Y.
Cross Country 1, 2. 3, 4: Track 1, 2: A. S. C. E.; Newton Mathematical Society; Transit Club-, Spike Shoe Club; K. D. C.7 Brooklyn-Long Island Club.