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An Introduction to the VanderPutten Family Documents

Following is an outline of my family history from 1685 with copies of many original documents. Many are familiar types -- birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and such. A few however may strike us as quaint or perhaps odd today, such as Harminia Bosman's formal permission for her 30-year-old daughter Janna Geertruida Mass to Marry Jan Dirk van der Putten (age 25).

These documents were gathered and compiled, I believe, between the 1980's and 1994 and are the work of my cousin Peter VanderPutten and uncle Herbert (Bert) VanderPutten (Peter's father).

As I remember the story, Peter visited The Netherlands some time in the early 1980's and presumably made the contacts used to acquire copies of original documents. Peter may have brought some back with him.  Following Peter's early death and his own retirement, Peter's father Bert continued the project, which he completed on March 10, 1994.

Most of the typewritten text in documents is by Bert VanderPutten. There are also many translation notes by the genealogist. The two are easily distinguished.

Others of whom I know who contributed to this work were Aunt Annette who wrote several commentaries and a distant cousin Bob Cass. Aunt Annette may have been responsible for having the material duplicated and copies given to each family, at least she is the one who gave me the set to me from which these copies were made.

I am indebted, and I think we all are, to Peter and Uncle Bert. I share Uncle Bert's thought:

"I  began this fascinating work with the realization that Mary, Grandma King, lived with us from 1923 to 1931 and I cannot recall one word of conversation between us. I also spent some summers with my cousin Bill Finley when Augustus was running a bakery business out of a converted chicken coop. My one contact with him was his yelling at us because we punched down a big load of bread he was ‘rising’. I would like to think that our grandchildren will remember us a little more clearly and will keep these notes and future ones for passing along to another generation for further development."

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Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten
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April 22, 2004

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