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Grandparents of Anna (nee) King VanderPutten

The grandparents of Anna King VanderPutten were: 


Charles King, born December 28, 1822, in England 
Mary Ann Amor, born January 20, 1826 

They were married October 28, 1844 and had l4 children, one of which, Augustus, was Anna’s father. 

The others, uncles and aunts of Anna, all born in England, were:

Frances Sophia


November 13, l845

Fred Charles (Frederick)

January 5, l847

Thomas George August 22, 1848
Edward March 10, 1850
Henry William November 28, 1851
Augustus Amor August 29, 1853
Minnie August 6, 1855
Emily Hartley March 29, 1857
Charles November 22, 1858
Florence September 7, 1861*
Alfred September 6, 1863
Percy Reynolds March 15, 1865
Josephine Reynolds October 14, 1867
Walter May 7, 1869

*(died 1/17/62) This is the only death recorded so apparently all the other children lived through their early years, at least.

The above information is listed in the bible that Augustus Amor brought from England when he visited there once or twice -- probably on the occasion of a family death. 

* * * 


Peter Fallon, born in Ireland 
Margaret Ferron, born in Ireland 

They came to New York and Mary Ann Elizabeth was born in Staten Island. She had a sister, Annie, who married James Head. Their son James became president of Benson & Hedges in the late thirties or early forties. Annie married again, a William Nolan, and had a daughter Helen. There was also a daughter Mary who married and had a son, Edmond Cooke. Mary died at an early age. James Head had a son, Raymond and a daughter, Muriel. 

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