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1994 Note by Aunt Annette on her grandmother

Anna King’s mother was Mary Ann Elizabeth Fallon.

Her parents were Margaret Ferron and Peter Fallon, both born in Ireland. Mary Ann was born July 24, 1862 in Staten Island.

She married Augustus Amor King in 1879 at age seventeen and had thirteen children.

She died on December 21, 1931 while living with her daughter, Anna, and her family at 913 - 78 Street, Brooklyn, New York.

A Word about Grandmother King

If it had not been for her encouragement, her daughter, Anna, would never have become a New York City teacher. The fact that she did was of the utmost importance to her children. In the Depression, her salary enabled the family to hold on .to the house on 78th Street and manage summers at Lake Carmel. It also paid for much of the children’s education.

Anna said that, after graduating from High School, she had given up her ambition to go to Teachers Training School and decided to get a job to help ease the financial strain at home. After just one day at work, she came home in tears - - it was such a far cry from the scholastic atmosphere she had so enjoyed in her school days. Her mother said to her, “Go to Training School. We’ll manage somehow.” Such an attitude was very unusual at a time when children were expected to help support their families, often with only a grade school education. This must have entailed some sacrifices on the part of Grandmother King. All of us have benefited from her foresight and understanding.

(By Annette)


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