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1830 Jan Dirk van der Putten

JAN DIRK VAN DER PUTTEN son of Cornelis van der Putten & Geertruij Kist
born Haarlem 4-9-1830
trade: bricklayer
m. Haarlem 12-2-1855

JAN DIRK VAN DER PUTTEN did not fulfill his duty to the National Army because his number (443) was free. He was tall 1,695 m, had blue eyes, and brown hair.

JANNA GEERTRUID MAAS (also Johahna Geertruijda) born Neede (Gelderland) 15𧯙825 trade: dienstbode (domestic help)
daughter of Hendrik M & Harmina Bosman
(Hendrik Maas died in Neede 15𧈁844)
Children: JAN DIRK born Haarlem 12𦠩855 (Hagestraat)

The family left Haarlem 30𧛭870 and went to Avenhorn.

What we know of Jan Dirk van der Putten (I) is that he had a very busy first quarter 1855 preparing for his marriage to Johanna Geertruid Maas. He was 24 and she was 29 and when his paper梒hase started on January 3rd she was six months pregnant with Jan Dirk II.

The papers that Peter brought back in the late 1960抯 start on January 4th with issuance in the town of Neede of the Birth Certificate of Johanna showing her birth on July 15, 1825.

The next day January 5, Jan Dirk picked up a copy of his release from the Military Draft because he had drawn a high number.

On the fifteenth Geertruid acquired a copy of her father抯 Death Certificate and the next day Jan Dirk picked up a fancy copy of his Birth Certificate, September 4, 1830. He was a twin with Gerrit who did not survive.

On the 29th/3Oth Geertruid gets a formal statement from her mother Hermina Bosman giving complete consent to the marriage at the District County Court in Neede.

On January 31 they appear before the Clerk of the Birth Register Office in Haarlem declaring their intent to marry, having posted Marriage Banns on December 20th, evidently in Haarlem.

Two weeks later on February 12th they declared that they accept each other as man and wife and are proclaimed married. Note that John Dirk and his brothers Arie, Pieter and Gerrit (born two years after Jan抯 twin died) could all write their names, which their father could not.

On March 14 Jan Dirk registers the birth of his only son Jan Dirk II as March 12, 1855.


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