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1855 Family of Peter Joseph VanderPutten, by Annette VanderPutten

The parents of Peter Joseph VanderPutten were Jan Dirk van der Putten and Geertruida Francisca van Est, both of Amsterdam, Holland. Their six children, also born in Amsterdam, were:

Annie, the oldest, never married.

Jan Dirk (It was a family tradition that the .first boy born should have this name.) He married Sadie Murphy, parents of Marguerite and Alida.

Alida She married. Freeman Cass, a successful businessman. Parents of Richard (Princeton) and Robert (Yale). Robert and his wife, Marie, now live in Laguna Beach, California

Josephine She married 1l Meyer. At one time, they had a candy store in Newark and Aunt Annie would take Richard and Annette over on a Sunday afternoon for ice cream in ďAunt Jo's store.

Pieter Johannes (Peter Joseph

Ida She died in her early twenties of TB.

Geertruida and the children came to New York in the days of the big European Immigration - - around 1892 (Jan Dirk having preceded them by a year or so to get established.)* Because they were the only family scheduled for third class when they sailed from Holland, the steamship company placed them in second class and Peter always had fond memories of their trip across the Atlantic during which, apparently, the children received a great deal of attention from the other passengers.

They went directly to Chicago where Jan had a small construction company. He became a United States citizen on October 5, 1892 and this automatically made all of the family citizens. After a few years in Chicago, the family moved to Bay Ridge** because of friends here (the Vanderveens). Dutch people have the reputation of not keeping together in large groups in a new country. Geertruida taught the children that they were Americans now and. only English was spoken in the home. The children grew up without any accent in their speech though perhaps the parents never quite lost theirs. In Bay Ridge, Geertruida studied the simple set-up of a store in those days and opened a candy store on Third Avenue. As was the custom then, the oldest girl, Annie, did much of the work there.

Dick (Jan Dirk, Jr.) and Peter became apprentice bricklayers (Holland is the land of the brick Dick had to leave grade school to do the accounting work for his father's business but Peter graduated before he went to work. At one point, Peter worked for Dick who had a successful construction company in Bay Ridge in the twenties. At various times, Peter had partners with whom he worked -- Martin Mawhinney in the early years and Willie Black In the 1920's.

(By Annette)

*perhaps as early as 1887


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