Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Family Documents

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1962 Peter's Memories

Around 1962, Peter typed up the following:


1883 - 189-. Holland the trip over

189- - 1895 Chicago

Irish neighborhood

wonderful big brother

fishing in The lake -- distance of 1 miles

trip to the stock yards at 1 Street

the World's Fair 

ED Note? Netherlands Day September 31 1893 ?

a free ticket to the Circus

1895 to Brooklyn

the old. swimming hole

working for boat builder

ED Note.: The NATOYE was a wood hull Naptha launch 50' long, 10 1/2 wide built about 1900 in New Rochelle, N Y. by Morris (?)

rowing to Staten Island.

newspaper route -- especially to the yachts

cabin boy on the “Natoy” Yacht in the summers

Went to #2 School (called the principal “Pop Sands”) 

Worked' two years on New York Journal

Bay Ridge Club Minstrels

Bricklayers' apprentice 1899

Rejected by Naval Reserve because of “bad heart”

1910 married and vent to live on farm - - worked in Torrington

Difficulties of farm life

During World I, traveled for a boiler company

1922 to Brooklyn to build Bay Ridge

In the 30's, built swimming pool for the City

Back to laying brick

Retired (about 1954)

Keep busy. 

(By Annette)


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