Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Sister Jean's Musical Group


"In August of 1994 I put an ad in Newsday in the "Cast call" section seeking people who might like to join an informal guitar/banjo group. Jean and Alan Satz, who where dating at the time, and Jeff Weber responded. A few others answered the ad but for many reasons they could not join the group. The core group then was myself, Angela Scozzari, Jean, Alan, Jeff and John.

"Others followed by word of mouth or friend of a friend. The last to join was Rich Aliperti who lives a few blocks from us and coincidently leased a car from Jeff who is a car salesman. Actually, Jeff just brought in a keyboard man which addsa new sound to the group. We are now 10 strong and we have outgrown our living room and we now meet at Rick's house.

"We try to meet once a month on Sunday night and we usually take the summer months off. We have an annual BBQ at Jean & Alan's place. He is a cook so we eat very well and healthy."

Jean Pollack
February 27, 2000

Jean Playing Guitar

"Here is a photo taken of me playing guitar with my friends last weekend."

 Monday, 11 Nov 2002

Jean playing her new guitar with friends November 2002

Bob and Jean VanderPutten Pollack


February 27, 2000    

(Top left) Jean & Alan Satz , Bill Keogan, Tony Velsmid, Jeff Weber. (Bottom left) Lenny Saragnese, Naomi Zeitlin (no longer in the group), Jean's long-time friend Angela Scozzari and Jean Pollack.


 February 27, 2000


Tony Velsmid (on left) and Jeff Weber

 February 27, 2000    

Jean & Alan Satz


February 27, 2000