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Bob's Letter to the Editor
Newsday.com (Long Island, NY)

It Takes Two Wings to Fly 

I want to express my disgust at Doug Marlette's Dec. 15 cartoon attacking Al Gore. It was a new low in the art of kicking someone who was down. Gore had given, by all accounts, a gracious concession speech. 

He had fought a hard race, won the popular vote, and by his post- election battle brought to light the deficiencies in our ballot system. He had the good grace to put country ahead of politics when faced with the Supreme Court's decision. I share Gore's disagreement with the decision, but as a nation, we move on. 

Marlette often shows his distaste for the left wing of politics in this country. Perhaps he could draw an American eagle on the ground, subject to predators and unable to fly because it lacked either a left or right wing. Perhaps that is an image we all need to contemplate. 

Robert J. Pollack