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Bob's Letter to the Editor 

Craig's dilemma

not Dems' fault

James Pinkerton can't seem to criticize a Republican without taking a swipe at Democrats. In "A lot of us fall short of our own ideals" [Opinion, Aug. 30], he cautions "the gay left and libertarians" - as if every gay, every person on the left, every libertarian would overinterpret Sen. Larry Craig's (R-Idaho) problems. Then there's the reference to "disgraced Gov. Jim McGreevey." To somehow paint Democrats as being the real problem seems to be Pinkerton's real focus.

In regard to the reference to "sneering quotes" around the term family values, how many people does it take to be caught in sex scandals to make anyone cringe at the overuse of that term? Need we remind him of Rep. Mark Foley, the Rev. Ted Haggard? Forget sex, how about money? Do Reps. Bob Ney and Duke Cunningham reflect family values when there is public money misappropriated?

Pinkerton should get some integrity in his criticism. Criticize the man who did the deed and stop blaming everybody else.

Robert J. Pollack