Jill Vander-Putten Bonner's Family
Carole-Anne's Special Achievements

In November, 2001, Jill's daughter Carole-Anne Bonner had her first article published in her school newspaper for Robert Moses Middle School. 
Mr. Andrews

By Carole-Anne Bonner

Recently I had the chance to interview the new teacher Mr. Andrews. Mr. Andrews enjoys teaching very much. He says it is one of the best things that he has ever done. This is his first year as a technology teacher here at Robert Moses. He chose Technology because he has a background in technology and enjoys building and fixing things.

He went to C. W. Post and Dowling College for about 7 years. He decided to be a teacher when he said that his current profession was not something he saw himself doing long term. I asked him, who was his favorite teacher and what grade did that teacher teach? I also asked him what he would tell a student if they were thinking about being a teacher when they were choosing a career.

He said that his favorite teacher was his shop teacher, Mr. James Brown. He taught 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Mr. Andrews said that he would tell a student that teaching is a great career, as long as you care for children, know their needs, and have the patience to be with them all day long.

I hope that you have learned a great deal of new things about him. I know I sure have.

November 2001