Jill Vander-Putten Bonner's Family
Carole-Anne's Special Achievements

A Message from Dr. T. 
March 2003

This is always a bittersweet time of year as I sit with teachers to generate recommendations for children's placements next year. Many of our children are returning to inclusion programs in their school districts. I am proud of their progress as well as their - achievement, but I will miss them and their families. Returning to a "local school district" is what SLCD's program is all about.

This month, I heard from Carole-Anne Bonner who graduated from SLCD in 1994. Carol-Anne started at SLCD in 1992 when she was 3 years old. Carol-Anne's mother said the following, "she could hardly say more than a few words and mostly used gestures to get what she wanted. Her progress with you was tremendous and I believe without your school's help, she would not be where she is today. She entered mainstream kindergarten and never again needed speech therapy.'-

Carole-Anne Bonner is an SLCD success story. Although her mother says that °Carole-Anne's strength of character came from attending SLCD," I believe that her character was forged by the school's relationship with her family.

Carole-Anne, as an active member of the Girl Scouts, will receive her Silver of the National Junior Honor Society and has made the Honor Roll every year since 5th grade. Carole-Anne writes regularly for the school's newspaper, she is a peer tutor and was recently chosen to perform in Schema, a special select Chorus.

Carole-Anne's story is so beautiful that I will be framing the letters that I have received from her mother for display on our Alumni Wall of Fame This is what we strive for at SLCD.