Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Laurie

Remembrances of the Caribbean

"We had snow [here in Texas] this past weekend. Some stuck but not much. Here is a photo from the cruise that should warm you up!"

"The girls and I went to the Caribbean. This photo was taken at the beach on the little island of Charlotte Amelia. Can you say heaven? Cause that's what the whole trip was!"

Laurie Loken, Wed, 15 Jan 2003

"Here is one of me and our wine steward.......gotta be friends with him!"


The girls spent a great deal of time at the casino and attracted quite the following of admirers! Every night a new one added himself to the collection! They got that gift from me of course!" 

Here is a photo of the girls and one of our table attendants (Ramon)."


"Andrea and Stephanie loved going to the casino...as you can see, they weren't always successful!"


"New Years dinner....this is Zvonimir (Croatian). He was our waiter for the entire trip. the girls fell in love with him and fought over who was going to marry him...towards the end of the trip he was informed of this argument and told them he could never choose between them so he would have to marry them both!"

"Here is one of the portraits that was taken on the cruise.....we are standing on the grand staircase (made of onyx that had some kind of under lighting that made it glow----just beautiful)"


"This is one that was also taken that night..."

"Our ship is the one in the middle, the larger of the three. [It is] the Millennium of the Celebrity Cruise Lines."

"The girls and I had a blast! I had no intention of coming back!"