Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Laurie

My Dad's 80th Birthday

The get together was great, we managed to surprise him. Martha and Jeff flew Barbara Marie home from Germany and they showed up on his doorstep Thursday morning for breakfast. Thought he was gonna plotz! Then Barb and Trish show up Thursday night, same thing. Paul and I get there Friday morning while they are at breakfast at IHOP… almost fell in his hash browns! Then Stephanie shows up on Saturday morning. It was pretty funny. We played Balderdash Friday night­you want to laugh till your sides ache? Play Balderdash with that group!

Bob (brother) did a Cajun dinner at his and Chris’s house Saturday and then we all vacated NM on Sunday. He was very touched, happy and looking excellent for someone 80… the Van’s are a hearty bunch.

-Laurie,  Wed, 14 Feb 2007

Dad's birthday cake 

Feb 2007 

Dan is an avid bridge player


Barbara, Laurie, Martha, and Robert


Siblings and Significant Others

Martha and Jeff (top left), Robert and Christine (top right), Laurie and Paul (bottom left), Barbara and Trish (bottom right


The Women

Martha Moss (bottom left) and her daughter Barbara Dierker (top left)

Laurie Loken (bottom right) with her daughters Andrea and Stephanie