Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Laurie

Christmas 2010

I am sitting here at work, making it look like I am busy doing work stuff.

The thing is, the semester is in its waning hours, or as the students might think of it-‘death throws’ since from the sounds of weeping and wailing (finals) you would think someone was dying.

So for me there is little to do but watch and listen to my Christmas carols and ponder as I wonder…I know those aren’t the words, literary license here folks!

I am thinking of this year in review… looking for the highlights, the interesting tidbits to share that everyone has been dying to hear.

A short letter I guess.

More a Haiku?

No, we have had a few things in 2010. I guess the biggest event was----
Stephanie: Married Richard Edgett on March 12. There was much planning, doing, spending money, making things, spending money, stressing, spending money, doing things, spending money… It was exciting and fun. Up until Stephanie wrenched her knee out and ended up on crutches a month before she was to walk down the aisle. Being the trooper she is, she took a deep breath and trudged on. Dad and I walked her down the aisle (sans crutches) to her husband to be and life is good. And then there was the addition of my bouncing baby grand dog… Kingston.

Andrea: Has started nursing school and is doing great! She and Tony are still in Virginia and would love to see you (the general ‘you’ I am not going to sit here and write a list of names!) anytime.

Paul: Is still hanging in at Lockheed. He has begun the ‘Kitchen remodel’ that is all I will say for now. The plus side on this one is that he loves to cook, motivation? Maybe, fingers crossed. The weapons are hidden for now and heck, no new sub-flooring to hide anything… what? Just saying’

Me: I went to California this summer with my sister Martha and her husband Jeff. We had a great visit with sis Barb and Trish. Going back to the city where it all started (San Francisco) and a trip up to wine country (Napa) and let me tell you, those folks will never be the same again! Oh and parasailing at Lake Tahoe! As much as I love going ‘home’ I don’t know if I could ever live there again, well of course if you gave me the right amount of money I could of course…just saying’.

I am still here at TCU (note opening paragraph- students wailing, crying…blah, blah)
We went to NM to see the parental units for Thanksgiving. They are doing great and say, ‘Hey, give a shout out’ to everyone (They have no idea what that means but you don’t mess around with old people unless you have Jell-O or a cookie in your hands”)
This Christmas we, Stephanie, Richard, Paul and I, will be traveling to see Andrea and Tony. A trip we are all quite excited about. This also saved me from dragging out all the Christmas ‘stuff’ this year. Best to wait until the unveiling of the new abode! And kitchen!

Aside from the fact that I abhor the cold, I am all atwitter with excitement to visit with Andrea and Tony and all the folks in between!

Next year, y’all come here and we will cook up something nice in the new kitchen…won’t we dear…? HELLO?

Laurie Loken
December 17, 2010