Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Laurie

Christmas 2013

 How could this be the closing of the year! In college I have started thinking of the year in terms of quarters since I began working at TCU. We go from semester to semester so it’s like living on a clock. August to December, December to spring break, break to May, May back to August. Why December to spring break, because we need it! When you think in these small increments the time just flies by and I am left thinking of writing another Christmas wrap up!

I say this every year but I really need to keep a running list of things so I don't stare off into space opening the file drawers in my mind looking for what happened this year. Can it be that things were so unspectacular they were not worth filing away? Maybe it’s just that things have calmed down some now that remodeling is done.

Paul and I did go to Florida to spend Christmas (2012) with his parents and with a visit from Andrea at the same time it was very special. Christmas on the beach just like ol’ St. Nick does it.

We spent our summer vacation in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta with cousin Gary and Jan and a few of their cohorts. It was spectacular! Beautiful and scenic, amazing meals, siestas! A total rest and relaxation vacation, I highly recommend it.

This year we will once again be away from home, alas no tree again this year. Can you get twinkle lights to hang in your car? Something to think about anyway.
Martha, Jeff and I will spend some time in NM with brother Bob and mom then I will do a quick turnaround and Paul and I will head east to see Andrea! The cats may not recognize us by the time we get home.

I may have spoken too soon on the remodeling thing. Stephanie may have mentioned something about needing to redo the master bathroom shower… (having not learned any lessons living here it would seem) now her entire bathroom has been gutted and Richard is hiding in a corner somewhere. It may not be that bad, but not too far off. No completion date at this time however; the ‘let’s get this done in a couple of weekends Dad’ is past, Oh Stephanie…

Cousin Jean with spouse Bob in tow came to Texas for the first time. Their timing was perfect since Octoberish is the best season we have here. We took them to the State Fair of Texas and though they had all the bounty of fried treats like ‘fried spaghetti and meatballs’ or ‘fried red velvet cake’ or ‘fried coke’ and I could go on they chose to save their caloric count for Mexican food and Margarita! Wise choice my friend’s wise choice. I then took this show on the road (Paul had to work) and drove three of us to Austin to the Moss Manor (Martha and Jeff) where we continued wreak havoc or at least left an imprint on the biosphere of life.

This Thanksgiving Paul's folks flew out here for a wonderful weekend of close to freezing weather! For Floridians used to 80's coming here the one week our temps dropped was not on their list. However the great company, food and getting creamed in Pinochle was worth it (right?). Needless to say going home to warmth of the Florida temps was nice finish to the trip (good thing they weren't here this week).
Paul is still at Lockheed, he hits year 30 in January. I know right? I don't look
that old seriously!

Me, still at TCU steering these little kids on the road to adulthood…no but seriously I am here having fun and messing with kids’ minds just like I did with the girls and look how good they turned out…um.

So anyway speaking of the girls, Stephanie is still wowing them at UTA (University of TX at Arlington) running the show in her department and loving it and Richard will soon be running Bank of America, ok not running it but making an impressive showing (I think all his years in the military being in charge is standing him in good stead).

Andrea is knocking them dead at the hospital…well that might not be the right phrasing. Andrea is killing it…err, well she is proving to be the nurse you want at your bedside! Fingers crossed that she will bring that talent back home to Texas soon.

Mom is still adjusting to dad not being around but she’s getting there. Don't hesitate to call or drop her letter or an email. I know she is looking forward to being invaded by us next week, like who wouldn't right? That is a rhetorical question thank you.

In the time since I started this letter, Texas has become a frozen wasteland, and we have been house bound. You would think I would have devoted more time to this and made it way more interesting and not Vega in front of the TV, ha! I seem to avoid writing like I do housekeeping, only when company is coming!

Well it seems there is a good Christmas movie coming on and far be it from me to miss a good Vega out session! They don't expect us to thaw out anytime real soon, though according to my 'time clock' Monday starts Finals and that brings to a close the end of this half of the year not to mention some students may want to graduate so we will probably be back at work no matter what.

From my family to yours, have a Wonderful Christmas and blessings for a great New Year.

Oh, and if you plan on visiting, don't forget about that whole company housekeeping thing right? Like no seriously...and to all a Good Night!!!!


Laurie Loken
December 09, 201