Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Laurie

Christmas 2001 - A Letter from Paul & Laurie Loken

If you are tired of all those Christmas letters read no further, we are all doing fine in Texas. However, for those who can not wait for another edition of the Loken's year-end newsletter here we go...

We will start with the most interesting member, me. That would be Paul in case you thought Laurie was writing this. Lockheed Martin won the Joint Strike Fighter program over Boeing in October. This was really big. I have been working that program for the last 5 years and now it looks like I can retire on it. The house remodel is progressing. I have finished the 1st of 3 phases that included 2 bedrooms and a bath. Phase 2 will start over the Christmas vacation. Last, my golf game has hit rock bottom. For the first time in years I did not break 80 once, and I had some scores in the high 90s. I think I will take up tennis in 2002.

Laurie hit her 3-year work anniversary at TCU. She still loves her job. We are attending all the football games and many of the men and women basketball games. I never would have thought she would be into sports like this. She is even going to see TCU play in "I don't know the name" bowl in Houston over Christmas. They will be playing Texas A&M. Laurie was finally able to go to Key West Florida in August for a Vander Putten families get together. It was the highlight of the year and she hopes to go back again. A free nightly happy hour may have something to do with that.

Stephanie is now in her Sophomore year at TCU and still doing well. She continues to be the TCU Super Frog mascot. At the age of 19, she brought a boyfriend (Brian) home for dinner for the first time. Laurie and I really liked him. She broke up with him a month later. Seems Brian was nocturnal which led to some incompatibility problems. She continues to work for a real estate agent and is getting good business experience. For fun this year, Stephanie took a cruise and went to visit friends and relatives in Arizona and Florida. I should have as many vacations...

Andrea (17 this year) will graduate high school this year. The time she does fly. She has indicated interest in 2 careers, a TV weather person, or an accountant. My daughter knows the meaning of diversity. She is amazing me this year by having the highest grade in her precalculus class. When I asked her why she had trouble with simple math when she was younger, she just said that it was boring. Yea, I understand. This year Andrea brought home her 7th different boyfriend for dinner. As a result, we are trying to get her hooked up with Brian now. Last, Andrea got her first job ever working in an ice cream store called the Marble Slab.

Well, we hope everyone has a healthy and happy Christmas, and we hope to see as many of you as possible in 2002.

Love the Texas Lokens

Paul, Laurie, Stephanie and Andrea