Meg & Rich VanderPutten - Rich's Hawkins Avenue Deli

This is the sign that hangs over the deli entrance. 

(I love this sign!!)

This is my Deli 
Hawkins Avenue Deli 
459 Hawkins Ave 
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-4239 

These pictures were taken on October 11 2001. Soon I will post pictures of my two partners who are proud members of the New York City Fire Department. They are the best.

We were a Proud Sponsor of the 11th Annual Lake Ronkonkoma St. Patrick's Day Parade

Nov 11 2001

Inside the Deli

When customers walks in the front door, this is what they see. To the left is the cold case (all Boar's Head brand).

 Then comes the salad case, then the steam table and finally the counter. 

This is where my customers get to see my smiling happy face!!

Nov 11 2001


The center of the picture is the work table. This is where the food is prepared. 

The door to the left is the walk in refrigerator. The oven and grill are to the left and the sink is to the right (out of the picture).

 The door to the right leads you to the hallway and storage .

Nov 11 2001

The Oven and Grill

When things get hot, this place gets hot -- 150 degrees is not unusual.



Nov 11 2001

Back Storage Room

Nov 11 2001