Meg & Rich VanderPutten:  
Once Upon a Time Plato and I went Pumpkin Picking with the Men and Women and Children of the Vineyard


Plato and Pumpkin

In early October 2001, Plato aka Meg VanderPutten and I joined my family and family friends for the annual pumpkin picking picnic at the Briermere Farm.

After we did our usual routine of meeting at Briemere farm and buying delicious pies and fresh veggies and fruit, we all met at Gristinas vineyard for a picnic. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the wind was a bit cold. Everyone brought food and we ate on picnic tables the vineyard had set up there. It was as usual a great time.

Meg with newly picked pumpkin, October 2001

October 2001. Photo by Rich VanderPutten

Children of the Vineyard

Wagon Train - The wagons have become a traditional way to move pumpkins from one part of the farm to the other. It also moves babies around well too. (Nobody would pull me though.)

In the wagons left to right Emily, Kyler, Victoria, Caitlin Next row up left to right Aunt Maimie, Meg (my favorite), Mom, Scott, Steven next row Uncle John, Mike, and Toni (I like her a lot too)

Photo by Rich VanderPutten

Women of the Vineyard

(The better half) standing; friend Brenda, friend Chelsea, sister in law Toni, wife Meg, lower mom, the beautiful Victoria, sister Dorothy, cousin Bernadette and her daughter Caitlin, Mary and her daughter Emily, above Mary is aunt Mamie.

Photo by Rich VanderPutten

Men of the Vineyard

Names standing left to right dad (grandpa), uncle John, cousin Tom, brother in law john, brother Mike. kneeling left to right Rich, Kyler, Steven and Scott (cousin Tom's sons)

Photo by Rich VanderPutten

The Starting Point

Briemer Farm, Long Island

Photo by Richard VanderPutten, Sr.