Gina in Puerto Escondido


Gina Machorro Espinosa
Apdo. 207 
Camino Al Faro #4 
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca 
71980 Mexico
Tel: 011-52(958)2-02-76
Gina working with student trainee at her information booth

Photo by Ward Downs, 2004

Gina at her Information Booth on the Adoquín or main street mall.  When you get out of your car, bus, plane or boat, just ask anyone for Gina.


Photo copyright© by Brian J. Larkin, 1999

Sunset in Puerto Escondido. The light house stands out against the sunset seen from the Santa Fe Hotel in February.

Sunset in Puerto Escondido

Views like this, the warmth of Mexican people, and the charm of a small Mexican town among the reasons people from around the world come to Puerto Escondido.

Plus, of course, surfing the famed "Mexican Pipeline."



Gina's Walking Tour

Gina leads walking tours on which visitors get to see the "real" Puerto Escondido.

From the harbor, Gina takes visitors up  through main streets and side streets and stopping at artisans' shops and vendors, the church and private homes.

Click here for more pictures of Gina and a walk tour group


Photo by Ward Downs, 2004

Virgen de la Soledad Church

Photo by Ward Downs, 2004

Molinos (mole grinders)


Photo copyright© by Ward Downs, 2004

Bonito Juarez Mercado