To: Lorraine Marchand and Jean Pollack
From: John Harney
Phone/Ext: 35505
Date: 11/24/98

You're a Star because:
Several months ago while walking on the first floor of Tisch Hospital, Lorraine Marchand and Jean Pollack observed a mother who was pushing a stroller with a sick child, pulling several pieces of luggage and appeared to be in extreme distress. Lorraine and Jean approached the woman to inquire if they could help, if she was lost, etc. She was trying to bring her child to MRI in the basement of the Health Care Center. Lorraine and Jean quickly helped the woman with her luggage and packages, and walked-her across campus to the MRI department. This type of compassion and sensitivity to our patients and families is something we wish have emulated! I feel that Lorraine and Jean are to of our "stars" for demonstrating on an ongoing basis the human side of health care delivery.

Supervisor/Department if known: Catherine Mitchell, Philip Tierno, Ph.D.

Unit/Location: Chemistry Lab, Microbiology

NYUMO 327 7/94

White Copy - Employee
Yellow Copy - Supervisor
Pink Copy - Committee