This notebook of CES standards and policies was prepared in the Center for Education Statistics (CES), Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, under the general direction of Iris Silverman. Office of the Director.
Elizabeth VanderPutten, under contract to DRC, Washington, D.C., is the principal author of the standards. Her work was supplemented by Chuck Cowan. CES Chief Statistician who wrote a number of the standards after joining CES in September 1986, and Gary Phillips, Chief, Cross-Sectional and Special Studies Branch, Education Outcomes Division, CES, who wrote the standard on educational tests.
Those CES staff whose assistance requires a special acknowledgement are: Dennis Carroll. William Freund. Jeffrey Owings. Samuel Peng, Mary Williams and Douglas Wright.
The following CES staff contributed to the standards development: Pamela Broene, Marjorie Chandler, Theodore Drews, Leo Eiden. Clevie Gladney, Ron Hall, Carrol Kindel. Roslyn Korb, David Orr, Paul Planchon, Nancy-Jane Stubbs and David Sweet.
Elsewhere in OERI, Suellen Mauchamer, Jack Dusatko and Cheryl Garnette, Information Services, and James Fox, Office of Research, assisted.
Continuing leadership, comment and review were provided by the Advisory Council on Education Statistics: Stanley Rothman. Presiding Officer, Denise Apt, David Blackwell. George Hall, Vans. Meredith-Dabney, Harry Miller, Seymour Sudman and ex-officio members Chester E. Finn, Jr., OERI, Ronald Kutscher, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and James O'Brien. Bureau of the Census.