I am very pleased to announce the adoption of standards for the Center for Education Statistics. This notebook contains the full set of standards, adopted as of March 16, 1987. It also contains CES legislation and the CES publication review process.
CES standards must be followed by all Center staff and contractors:  
  o Performance agreements for Center staff are to include
a section on responsibilities to adhere to and administer the standards.
  o All Requests for Proposals (RFP's) must include a section referencing the standards and requiring their use in work conducted for the Center.      
  o New staff to the Center will be introduced to the structure and mission of the Center and each of the standards.    
In the fall, the Chief Statistician will initiate a formal evaluation of the standards program to ensure that the standards have been implemented in all phases of the Center's work, and to review their operational feasibility. We will probably find some inconsistencies among the standards as we work with them, and these will be reconciled during the review and revised. In a year, we expect to reissue these standards.
Adoption of a set of written standards is important to any Federal statistical agency. They codify how we expect to behave professionally, and indicate the basis on which we expect to be judged by our peers in the statistical community.   They represent the minimum level of quality and effort we would expect in any of our efforts or those of our contractors and grantees.   For the Center, they provide a means for and assurance of consistency between and within the studies the Center conducts. Finally, users of Center data have before them clear documentation of methods and principles the Center employs in the collection of data.
I consider adoption of the standards to be the Center's most visible declaration of commitment to the highest quality in all of its products.
        Emerson J. Elliott Director