Alligator in the Turner River Canal

This smallish alligator lay unmoving in the sun and swamp water near route 29. Photo by Elizabeth VandrPutten.
Photo by Elizabeth A. VanderPutten, February 2001. 

The H. P. Williams Roadside Park

The H. P. Williams Roadside Park is a pretty little pocket park with restrooms a few miles east of  SR-29 on the Tamiami Trail.

A wash-board dirt road (829) goes north at that point along side the Turner River Canal. The road is part of a 17-mile loop labeled "scenic" on the Great Cypress Park map.

We followed it for a few miles, stopping a couple of times to listen for birds or animals and photograph the everyday alligators sunning themselves. This road was really not all that scenic so we headed back to US 41 and on to the Visitors Center.