Why People Retire to Florida

This picture of Elizabeth VanderPutten was taken in Nancy Jane Stubb's Florida Room in her home in Daytona Beach. Photo by Brian J. Larkin February 2001
Elizabeth VanderPutten, photo by Brian J. Larkin, February 2001

Nancy Jane's Lake and Golf Course

While I did not find in Florida a replacement for a February beach vacation in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, I did learn a few of the reasons many people retire there.  Some of them are here in this picture. This is February and --

  • When it is not swimming weather, it is walking-on-the-beach weather -- 

  • And I am dressed for it in February.

  • This artificial lake is lovely.

  • I've just been sitting here reading in the sun and fresh air..

  • The golf greens on the other side of the lake were mowed earlier this afternoon.

  • I had to put on sun tan lotion this morning before taking a walk with Nancy Jane on the Atlantic Ocean beach a few miles from her home in Daytona Beach.