The Beach at Daytona Beach

This picture of Alan Bow nibbling on Nancy Jane Stubbs' ear gives an idea of one of the important dimensions of Nancy Jane's life in retirement. Photo by Margaret Windus. March 23, 1999.
Photo by Margaret Windus. March 23, 1999.

Walking, The Third Ingredient

Together with music and gourmet food, exercise (read walking) is a major element in Nancy Jane's Florida retirement life.

And Daytona Beach is important. It is here that she hikes 97 miles (or whatever) each day before breakfast. It is also where she inveigles guests --  such as Alan Bow with whom she is shown here -- into being healthy by joining her on her daily 97 mile (or whatever) jaunts.

Nancy Jane and I have long planned a walking and dining trip through Provence Region of France in 2003 to celebrate our birthdays.

Provence Walking In the footsteps of CÚzanne and van Gogh