Why People Retire to Florida

Table of Contents

Nancy Jane's Lake and Golf Course
While I did not find in Florida a replacement for a February beach vacation in Mexico, I did learn a few of the reasons many people retire there.  
Music Studio (aka Living Room)
The couch faces center stage on Nancy Jane's stereo system and visually on the Florida room and lake beyond.
Nancy Jane's Home
Nancy Jane Stubbs'
home in Daytona Beach faces onto a small artificial lake (which I find very attractive) and golf course. A lawn is nice, particularly one that ...
Music Studio, Another View
In the right corner is  Nancy Jane's entertainment center with CD and stereo, FM radio to listen to the Saturday afternoon Texaco Opera, and a TV.
The Park at Nancy Jane's Home
Across the street from this lovely little pocket park with its gracious palms and Spanish moss, Nancy Jane's car is visible in her garage.
Walking, The Third Ingredient
Together with music and gourmet food, exercise (read walking) is a major element in Nancy Jane's Florida retirement life.
Nancy Jane and Music
Nancy Jane has found in Florida retirement a casual and rich life style.
A Gentler Way of LifeThere is something profoundly attractive in this scene and the gentle, civil way of life it suggests.
Nancy Jane's Laboratory
The second major dimension of retirement in Florida for Nancy Jane centers on cooking. She creates dishes, writes cook books, and entertains her friends in Epicurean elegance.