Lakeland Florida

Lakeland, Florida (1999 city pop. est. 75,177) 

By the time we'd flown from D.C. to Orlando, gotten our baggage and picked up our car at Avis, it was pushing 4 PM. We drove as far as Lakeland. We would get an early start for the Gulf Coast in the morning (to see as much of Florida as possible, our plan was not to drive after dark.). We had reservations at the AmeriSuites a few miles off I-4. It turned out to offer better accommodations than Holiday Inns and better prices. 

Welcome to Lakeland Drag Strip

Lakeland, Fl. is the home of the Lakeland Drag Strip where the slogan is, "Welcome to Lakeland Drag Strip -- where Traction is the Action!"

We wanted Italian food. The unanimous recommendation was Mario's Italian Restaurant. In one listing, Mario's is right up there (and properly, we decided) with such other fine other Lakeland dining establishments as TGI Fridays, Hooters, and Farmer Jones Red Barn. Lakeland, Florida probably has something to recommend it. We were not inclined to search further for it.