A Swamp in Big Cypress

Big Cypress National Preserve photo by l.l beam
Photo by L. L. Bean

Big Cypress National Preserve

We took the Tamiami Trail (US 41) from Naples to the Big Cypress National Preserve largely to pick up a park pin for Alan Bow. The most interesting part of Big Cypress for me was Loop Drive (SR-94).

Loop Drive was an adventure. It is a 26-mile, one-lane, unimproved dirt road that is so rutted, pot holed and torn up that 15 miles-an-hour was our teeth jarring top speed. Five miles-an-hour was more the norm. With no place to turn around and rarely room for two vehicles to pass, once we started there was no turning back. It was a little scary having a road like this and no an idea of what was around the next curve. I generously let Brian drive (see: Our Big Cypress Trip).