Sarasota Harbor

This is a view of Sarasota Harbor and Marina Jack from our room at the Sarasota Holiday Inn, Sarasota Florida.
Photo by the Sarasota Holiday Inn


Sarasota Country is probably the geriatric capital of the country (36.4% of its residents are age 65 or over compared with Utah County, Utah where the comparable number is 7.6%). It looks more affluent than it apparently is, which surprised me. The city is home to the Sarasota Opera, now in its 43rd year. Other attractions include the Bishop Planetarium and Asolo Theatre - Ringling Museum.

We stayed at the conveniently located downtown Sarasota Holiday Inn and dined at (I thought) an overrated Italian restaurant across the bridge at St. Armands Circle. We spent the next morning exploring the city (nope) and had a so-so lunch at Le Colonne Ristorante on the south side of town.