A Letter From Maurice - Introduction


A Letter from Maurice

Toward the end of August 1994, my brother-in-law Maurice "Mo" Larkin wrote to me. With his letter were enclosed some pictures he had taken on a recent weekend. Here is that letter and his photos. It is a photo essay about some of the things that were closest most important to him.

Mo loved the beauty of the West, the quiet of the mountains, and especially the calm of lake canoeing. He used every weekend he could to get away into the back country. He and Brian talked every month or so, sometimes for a long time, with me occasionally joining in about where he had been most recently. I remember once he was really enthusiastic over a cabin he found on a lake in Idaho.

After he sent this essay, the three of us began planning a trip to the Grand Canyon -- a place he loved and a place he knew I'd always wanted to see. 

Mo died before we could make that trip. This letter was the last he ever wrote to us. To celebrate my birthday this year, Brian and I made the trip to the Grand Canyon alone.

Elizabeth VanderPutten
New Year's Eve