Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten -- My Uncle Bobby's 50th Anniversary

JUST REMARRIED ... what a hoot!

On April 11, 2003 my uncle Bobby and aunt Doris celebrated their 50th anniversary with a renewal of their wedding vows. The Mass and ceremony were celebrated by Monsignor Doug Ruan at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Rio Rancho. Music was by Steve Woodbury. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church is the largest Catholic church in New Mexico.

[Front left] Stephanie Loken, Andrea Loken, Uncle Bobby, Aunt Doris, Martha Moss, Jeff Moss
[back left] Barbara Moss, Paul Loken, Laurie Loken, Robert Vander Putten, Barbara Vander Putten.
Photo by Christine VanderPutten

Following the wedding, a reception was held at the reception Chamisa Hills Country Club in Rio Rancho. All their children and grandchildren and  numerous friends attended. Relatives and friends from all over the country sent "tons of cards and such."

Daughter Laurie wrote, "It was very nice, very touching.  It is obvious that they still love each other as much as they did on their wedding day. I guess a touching thing was that I had the wedding photo (8x10) that is posted on [this] site blown up to a 22x24 poster that I had mounted and laminated.  we put that on a easel that was displayed at the door when people first came in.  It totally blew mom and dad away.  The really funny thing was, that as a gift to us children, mom had made smaller versions of the same one that she has framed for us!"

Aunt Doris added, "There were so many things that could be told but mostly being surrounded by our family and friends and knowing how much went into the planning of that day between our children....it was beautiful and loving......maybe we did something right all those years"

"[Oh] and I forgot to mention [our] granddaughters sneaked out right after the ceremony and soaped the windows of the van.....'JUST REMARRIED'...with the original date...what a hoot...."