Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten 
Ten Waypost in My Life  
1970s and 1980s


Me with Grandma VanderPutten


This picture was taken at Uncle Bert and Aunt Ruth's apartment in New York City.

The occasion was a birthday party for Grandma.

I Was a Bride

June 9, 1977

This formal photo of me was taken at the Deja Vu Restaurant near our home in Washington, D.C.

Many people have commented on the similarity of this picture and that of my grandmother in her wedding dress on June 29, 1910

Photo by Carly Jane Dunn



The Ph.D. Graduate

May 8, 1983

Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten
The George Washington University

With me are my aunt Annette VanderPutten and father Richard VanderPutten

I do think they look proud.

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